Trucking Delivery Rates

*All prices are in (US) United States Currency.

1-10 lbs Flat $15
11-20 lbs Flat $20
21-50 lbs Flat $30
51-75 lbs Flat $40
76-100 lbs Flat $40
101-200 lbs $o.45 per lbs  
201-300 lbs $o.40 per lbs  
301-400 lbs $o.35 per lbs  
401-500 lbs $o.30 per lbs  
Under 100 cft Flat $130
100-300 cft Flat $140
301-400 cft Flat $150
401-500 cft Flat $160
501-600 cft Flat $170
601-700 cft Flat $180
701-800 cft Flat $190
801-900 cft Flat $200
901-1000 cft Flat $225
Over 1000 cft $1.00 per cft  
WEIGHT e.g Tiles, Lumber, Stone, Thinset etc RATE USD
1-10 cft Marble, Granite, Stones Flat $40
11-30 cft Thinset, Granite etc. Flat $60
31-50 cft Flat $80
51-70 cft Flat $100
20′ Container Any Location $250
40′ Container Any Location $250

There will be an additional charge of $30 for any express service (for this service your brokerage, pick up & delivery are given priority over everything else). High Risk Goods, Glassware & Highly Sensitive Equipment.

JTC Customs Brokerage is an industry leader in affordable, easy delivery/trucking services. We’re a cut above the average truck companies thanks to our years of experience and undying motivation to complete every delivery safely and on-time or better. Our services can help you take care of standard shipments that need to reach their destination in minimal time.

Our truck delivery utilizes trucks equipped with boxes for hauling cargo in a shaded, fully protected environment. This shipment method is ideal for:

  • Standard cargo
  • Fast shipping
  • Large loads of small items
  • Fragile freight

JTC Customs Brokerage delivery/trucking are ideal for those who want to move standard sized cargo over long distances – and need it moved fast. Don’t worry about getting your freight to its destination on time. We’ll take care of the logistics of the truck delivery service through our remarkably wide network of transportation professionals.

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